"... Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow…"

- Kurt Vonnegut

My Artistic Adventure

Painting is an every day occurrence for me. I prefer to paint in the morning, and on nice days get outside to do  plein air painting.


For outdoor painting I prefer to use  Gouache, Oil or Soft Pastel. Originally I started  painting landscapes in acrylics, but in 2017 my focus moved to oils or soft pastels. I now use Acrylic or Oil with Cold Wax Medium for my abstract work. 


Art is definitely an evolving experience for me.



I'm a member of the Fraser Valley Watermedia Society ; Central Fraser Valley Graphic Guild; the Art in the ARC painting Group and the Abbotsford Arts Council.


In 2018 along with 3 other local artist friends we started an informal Abbotsford plein air group the Abbotsford Plein Air Pals. We currently have 15 members.