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My Artistic Adventure

During my childhood I was always sketching and painting. In 1994 I did a full year just using graphite for my drawings and sketches. Then in 1995 I started using watercolour.  It wasn't until a year after I retired that painting became an every day passion.

For almost 4 years I only painted with acrylics, but in 2017 started using soft pastels and oils. Now I do my representational work in soft pastels & oils and my abstracts in acrylics.

During Covid I started doing monoprinting and collage which I now do on a daily basis along with a lot of mark making in my many sketchbooks.


In 2014 I started getting outside in the early morning to do plein air painting. This changed due to Covid, but am hoping to get back to it in 2022.


Art has most definitely been an evolving experience for me!

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