My Artistic Adventure

During my childhood I was always interested in sketching and painting. In the 90's I  tried  watercolour painting and for a full year I just used graphite for my drawings and sketches.
It wasn't until a year after I retired that painting became an every day passion.

For almost 4 years I painted landscapes in acrylics, but in 2017 I discovered soft pastels and  oils. So I now use soft pastels & oils for landscape painting and Acrylic or Oil with Cold Wax Medium for my abstract work. 


On nice days I like to get outside in the early morning to do  plein air painting. My mediums of choice for plein air and  landscape painting is water-mixable Oils or Soft Pastels.


Art has definitely been an evolving experience for me.

I'm a member of the Fraser Valley Watermedia Society ; Central Fraser Valley Graphic Guild; the Art in the ARC painting Group and the Abbotsford Arts Council.  In 2018 along with 3 other local artist friends we started an informal Abbotsford plein air group the Abbotsford Plein Air Pals. We currently have 15 members.

Plein Air Painting in Kimberely BC
St. Mary River, Kimberley BC

"... Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow…"

- Kurt Vonnegut