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Plein Air Oil Painting in 2020

By the Fraser River in Abbotsford, BC July 2019

April 30, 2019 at McDonald Park, Abbotsford, BC


November 2018 at Mill Lake, Abbotsford, BC

At View Point in Willband Creek, Abbotsford June 27, 2018

Near Delair Park, Abbotsford June 17, 2018

Plein air pastel painting in Delair Park, Abbotsford June 19, 2018

McDonald Park, Abbotsford April 25, 2018


Plein air oil painting while RVng September 2014 (St. Mary River, Kimberley)

Plein air oil painting while RVing September 2014 (Hidden Valley in Salmon Arm)

Plein air acrylic painting in McDonald Park, Abbotsford June 2014

Plein air acrylic painting in Langley May 2015 (Opus Plein Air Challenge)

First time going out to Plein air paint April 2014. McDonald Park, Abbotsford using acrylics.

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