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November 2023: Matted-Framed Series and Card Sets

I started doing abstract series sets and cards done in either Acrylic, Oil & Cold Wax or Watercolour. Here is a sampling of them. Click to enlarge.

October 2023: InkTober Challenge

This is my second year of doing the InkTober challenge. This year I managed to complete the 31 days of ink sketching for the month of October. 

InkTober 2023

2021-2022: The Joy of Concertina Sketchbooks
I started making homemade concertina sketchbooks in small to medium sizes using mostly mixed-media paper, but I did make some with 50 lb sketch paper. I like using the Concertinas for mark making and abstracts. I use acrylics, watercolour, graphite, china markers, ink, collage and more in these books. So far I've made 17 concertina sketchbooks and quite a few are now filled.

Concertina sketchbooks
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